About Wild hives honey

Wild Hives is a family project. A project that brings together our fanaticism of bees, beekeeping, honey, our passion for all things natural, and our determination to spread the information about the things we love and about their importance, as well as offering the natural products we enjoy to the wider community. So it is a big bee and community centred project of a small family.

You can read more about our project and missions here and here is a bit more about our small family, which currently consists of Noel and Margarita (and our driving force and great inspiration little Ines).

Noel, born in North London, has been searching for his type of activity for a while, and has found his calling (or at least a part of it) in bees, and their amazing ability of keeping you in touch with nature in the midst of one of the busiest (yet full of flowers) city. He started keeping bees in his back garden couple years back, getting a lot of attention from honey loving neighbours, friends, and other honey fanatics such as Margarita.

Margarita, originally from honey-rich little country Lithuania, with a strongly developed good taste for raw natural honeys, which she enjoyed since very tender age, got immediately intrigued by Noel's London honey, and evidently not only honey, as shortly after honey tasting, we decided to create a little family. When little Ines came along to wonderfully expand our small family, both of us, Noel and Margarita, decided to put all our knowledge and passions, as well as other skills together to create a project for our growing family. So Noel's knowledge of bees and beekeeping, and future expectations of our own London honey, together with Margarita's contacts with Lithuanian beekeepers and great passion for the variety of natural sweet tastes that they have to offer, naturally led us to create Wild Hives.

And our skills and knowledge from all other walks of life made Wild Hives happen. Noel's other passion that is coding and web design, has brought you our lovely website, and Margarita's love for taking cozy snaps of all things pretty (such as amber coloured little jars of natural goodness of honey) illustrated the pages of the site. Noel has also spend a considerable amount of years within a food industry, so dealing correctly with tasty things isn't new to him. While Margarita has done her share in retail, and working with customers is just a second nature for her, that she's been missing a bit, while staying at home with a small baby, and now can delight in it again.

Our little family also has some great friends, and some of them draw really well. Our friend and neighbour Jenny has drawn all the lovely designs for Wild Hives, that we loved so much, it simply became the signature of Wild Hives.

You can read some more about how Wild Hives started here

Overall, we find, Wild Hives is a very sweet business to be in and we hope you'll join and support our project of promoting natural honeys, beekeeping, bees and of spreading information about them all.