About honey on cucumbers, friendly neighbours and lucky coincidences.. or on why we sell Lithuanian honey

3rd June 2013

We just guessed you might be wondering why the honey we decide to offer you first comes from nowhere else but Lithuania? It is far from a random choice and the reasons behind are all rather sweet and personal.

I, Margarita, one half of our family company, and one third part of our little family, come from Lithuania, and one thing I always remember from growing up there is a huge sticky jar of natural goodness in a form of honey in our kitchen cupboard.. always there (and I bet still there).. my parents used to and still do get all their honey straight from the beekeepers in their local farmers market.

We used it for all sorts of things: in our daily herbal infusions - drinking various mixes of infused herbs in Lithuania is as big of the thing as here is the traditional cuppa, and honey just goes so nicely with herbs; we used to spread it on our bread, or as a child I used to eat it with a spoon straight from a jar, and my parents didn't seem to mind this kind of sweet treat; I even remember my grandma spreading it on lengthwise cut cucumbers and giving them to me as a treat (yes, that's right - cucumbers; must be some kind of Lithuanian thing, as no one believes me here when I tell them this.. or maybe that's just something that my grandma invented.. nonetheless it (or the memory of it) is delicious). Honey jars with honey and a smoker for bees

However it's not until I came to London 10 years ago that I realised that what I considered a perfectly normal culinary life filled with most flavoursome natural honeys and what I took for granted is actually a real luxury here.

I found a good raw honey rather hard to come by, and in the cupboards of most people's houses (that I was allowed to sneak into cupboards of) I would usually find supermarket bought honeys that have been blended or heated, and therefore probably with less than half of the goodness and of flavour of real honey left in them...

My treats became somewhat duller and the cold wet seasons of sniffly noses seemed to drag on without my natural traditional remedies..

Luckily my honey-less misery didn't last long and soon my parents started sending regular parcels with those same huge sticky jars of Lithuanian goodness, so they are always in my kitchen cupboard again.

It is not just an unusual coincidence that my family had always kept jars of natural honey in their home. I find it is rather common within Lithuanian households, and it is most likely due to the fact that beekeeping has a long and very strong tradition in Lithuania, and since the old days honey has been one of the main trades of the country, alongside their honey coloured amber and linen. It would rarely occur to anyone to purchase some honey that is any way modified, blended or heated, when you have so many beekeepers in the neighbourhood bringing honey to you straight from their beehives.

And talking about neighbour beekeepers, when I first met my second half (and the second half of this company) Noel, I asked him what he does, and when he said that among other things he keeps bees in his back garden, I immediately remembered the etymology of Lithuanian word 'friend' (=biciulis), which originally meant 'someone you keep bees with together'. It was believed that beekeepers are good, trustworthy people - your friends. I guess I believe that too, as it's not only bees that we keep together with Noel now..

And hopefully towards the autumn you'll be able to taste some of Noel's, your beekeeper neighbour's, honey too.

So all of these little coincidences, my connection to the little sweet honey-rich country, Noel's passion for urban beekeeping, naturally led us to creating this company and bringing you some of the best honeys we know. And therefore we started from what I have started in my life, Lithuanian honey.

Follow this space and soon you'll get to meet our neighbour beekeepers in Lithuania, from whom we bring this delicious honey straight to your doorstep.