The Wild Hives honey blog

Get to know your raw honey in the jar

15th June 2013

bee on honeycomb

A selection of facts about raw honey and the honey we sell

The mission of Wild Hives and why seasonal honey matters

8th June 2013

bee on honeycomb

What's the mission of Wild Hives and why we care about raw honey

About honey on cucumbers, friendly neighbours and lucky coincidences.. or on why we sell Lithuanian honey

3rd June 2013

Honey jars with honey and a smoker for bees

Want to know why we're selling Lithuanian honey? A fantastic post saying the why's and where's

5 uses of natural honey in our family

26th May 2013

yoghurt, honey, pollen in a bowlcrepes with cream, bluberries and honey

Here we have a delicious list of things you can do with honey

Semolina Halava with walnuts, orange and honey

25th May 2013

A saucepan of semolina

A winning recipe, try it and you're going to keep making it for years