About Wild hives honey

Wild Hives is a family project. A project that brings together our fanaticism of bees, beekeeping, honey, our passion for all things natural, and..Read more

We collect pure unprocessed and untampered with honey from beekeepers across the world and we bring it straight to your door. We have several hives in Stoke Newington London the honey of which we also sell. Finally summers started, which means we're putting on the beekeeper clothes and getting to work. We think honey from London is some of the most flavoursome in the world. It's going to be available mid to late summer. Established early 2012 we started contacting suppliers of unprocessed, natural honey. We have some very tasty Lithuanian honey for sale.

In the next few weeks and months we're going to be expanding the range of things we sell, expect honeys from different countries, pollen, and gift sets.